Cave Club, vol. 1: The Dawn of Kids

Meet the Cave Club in this historically inaccurate graphic novel about five best friends who create the greatest invention in the history of the world: friendship!

Jump back in time to a world of stomping dinosaurs, erupting volcanoes, and the most chaotic creatures to ever trample this earth: KIDS! Emberly, Tella, Fernessa, Roaralai, and Slate are five best friends who are almost as wild as their hair! To make sure fun and freedom never go extinct, these best barefoot friends invent many new concepts, from friendship, birthdays, and pets (pet rocks, to be specific) to competitions, sneak attacks, and groundings (when their parents bury them in the ground to try to keep them out of trouble). Now, they're letting loose, exploring the wild, and cracking up the bedrock of civilization as the Cave Club!

This graphic novel contains two original stories. In "Meet the Cave Club," read all about Emberly, Tella, Fernessa, Roaralai, and Slate, and how they invented friendship. Then, join them on an epic adventure involving birthday bog-loons, wild badger pets, angry raptors, and more in "An EGG-cellent Adventure." When Emberly invents the idea of a birthday, she tries to surprise Fernessa with the best birthday ever, but her presents create chaos and disaster instead! Can she pull off the perfect birthday surprise without putting everyone in too much danger?

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