Thunderbolts Omnibus Vol. 2

Fabian Nicieza kicks off his run with a bang! Tragedy strikes the Thunderbolts as the team is targeted by a ruthless killer. But who — and why?! Meanwhile, Citizen V is unmasked at last! Moonstone learns far too much about the source of her power! And is the team ready for…Mach-2? As the Thunderbolts join forces with the Avengers to face Count Nefaria, old friends return, sacrifices are made and secrets are revealed! But will the T-Bolts finally earn their redemption — or go their separate ways? And what schemes are Baron Zemo concocting in the shadows? Featuring Graviton, the V-Battalion — and the Thunderbolts of Counter-Earth!

COLLECTING: Thunderbolts (1997) 34-63, Thunderbolts Annual 2000, Avengers (1998) 31-34, Avengers Annual 2000, Thunderbolts: Life Sentences (2001) 1, Thunderbolts: From the Marvel Vault (2011) 1, Citizen V and the V-Battalion (2001) 1-3, Citizen V and the V-Battalion: The Everlasting (2002) 1-4

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